I highly recommend getting acquainted with the meat producers at your local farmers’ market and finding out what they feed their animals and how they are raised. If regularly going to the farmers’ market isn’t available to you, here are some good websites to explore:

www.eatwild.org – connects you with a variety of sources

www.butcherbox.com – delivery service for pastured pork, pastured chicken and grass-fed beef

www.uswellnessmeats.com – a trusted online delivery source offering a range of products; there is a $75 minimum order but once reached, shipping is free with a $7.50 handling fee.

And for those in California, Primal Pastures has a home delivery option.

CSA programs like Farm Fresh to You offers the chance to “add items” like pastured eggs.

For those in the Bay Area, you can check out www.realfoodbayarea.com. And here is another resource on where to get eggs and meat in Marin County.

www.americangrassfed.org – this website has lots of interesting information and will hook you up with an AGA approved producer in your area

This post by Diana Rodgers at Sustainable Dish gives information on where to source quality meat and also how to thaw frozen meat.

Most California Whole Foods Markets get their 100% grass-fed, organic beef from Eel River Ranch in California, and sometimes Arcadia Ranch in Australia. They also have seasonal beef from Hearst Ranch from May through October. This beef is 100% grass-fed but not certified organic. The Country Natural Beef they sell is labeled as Step 4 (pasture centered) but is not 100% grass-fed. Country Natural Beef gets their beef from a number of different ranches and say on their website that the cattle are “…raised on pastures and rangeland for most of their first 14 to18 months. To ensure a consistent, year-round supply, however, all of our cattle go through a finishing period of about 120 days at Beef Northwest…a feed yard owned by a multi-generational ranching family and member of Country Natural Beef, where our cattle receive a nutritionally balanced ration of grain, alfalfa and potatoes.”


According to the Simple Truth website, the company that makes the grass-fed beef for Ralph’s, “All Simple Truth Organic Grass-Fed Beef is sourced from animals born, raised and slaughtered in Uruguay, a country with a climate more conducive to year-round grazing. Eighty percent of the cattle found in Uruguay are of two breeds, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford. No added hormones (including any growth promotants) or antibiotics are administered to these cattle. This beef meets all USDA National Organic Program standards for USDA Organic Certification, including the freedom from pesticides and herbicides on their 100% grass diet. USDA Certified Organic standards promote sustainability, use of renewable resources and conservation of land.” It’s good to hear that this is in fact 100% grass-fed beef .

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