I spend many weekends in the summer sailing with my husband to Catalina. Until I took Pilates I had a lot of difficulty climbing from the rocking boat into the rocking dingy because I had such poor balance.  These days I step confidently and securely from boat to dingy even when the waves are high. Thanks, Pilates.


I really enjoy working with Abey because I feel comfortable knowing that she is making sure I am doing every exercise properly. She takes the time to create and restructure my regimen based on my ability, as I started Pilates after a lower back and neck injury. She also took the initiative to speak with my doctor to make sure we are not doing anything that could hurt me. She is a true professional in her work, not only while training, but in that she is highly reliable with her schedule and tries to accommodate her clients whenever possible. If you are serious about training with a professional who will keep you on track, Abey is the perfect fit.”

Sasha O.

I suffer from a pretty bad neck and shoulder injury and pilates has been the only thing that has has helped! I have been working with Abey for the past year and not only do I get a great work out, but my posture has improved and my neck and shoulders have gotten much better.  Abey works with me and my injuries to make sure that I leave each time feeling energized and centered. I couldn’t imagine my life without pilates with Abey!

Ashley F.

“I have been working with Abey from Hummingbird Pilates at the Westwood Pilates (1309 Westwood Blvd) location for 5 years! Abey is great as she is incredibly patient and in tune with her clients physical needs.  She customizes each workout so that her clients always come away feeling like they got a workout but also managed to have fun.  If you are looking for an instructor who will work with you to find the best workout for while making your time enjoyable and achieving long term results, Hummingbird Pilates is an exceptional choice.”

Shannon P.

Abey is an amazing Pilates instructor!! She is patient, knowledgeable, and FUN! She makes the sessions fly by and always offers helpful tips throughout the workout. I would 100% recommend Abey. I always leave a lesson with her feeling fit, positive, and walking just a little bit taller.

Sara K.

“I can’t say enough good things about Abey and Hummingbird Pilates.  I’ve worked with her for years, during times when I was super active and in-shape, when I was pregnant, to when I was post-partum and every time she was able to create a workout that was safe, effective and most important in my case, fun.  Abey helps you tap into your own strength and do things you didn’t think possible…she so totally rocks!” 

Sara Z.

“I have been going to Abey for almost 2 years now.  She is a wonderful Pilates instructor.  Both before, during, and after my pregnancy, she perfectly tailored my workout to suit my body’s needs.  She has also always been very accommodating to my busy work schedule.  Pilates is the first workout routine I’ve been able to sick with on a consistent basis, and I fully credit Abey for that.  I think anyone would be lucky to have her as their instructor!”


“ I have been a client of Abey’s for over 4 years and am really happy with how far I’ve personally grown with my Pilates training.  She really takes my personal health and abilities into consideration and makes my workout fun and effective.  She is a great trainer!”

Reina M.

“Abey is an amazing instructor.  She’s patient, calm and caters to your fitness level…she also is encouraging and truly wants nothing more than to be able to help you reach your health and fitness goals. I highly recommend Abey. You won’t be disappointed!”

Natalie K.