I’m reposting this article that I wrote for the Hummingbird Pilates blog when I lived in Los Angeles. Therefore, the store prices are for that area but I think you’ll find similar prices at grocery stores in the Bay Area too.

Thrive Market is an online store with the tag line “Wholesome Products. Wholesale Prices”. They have a $59.95 yearly membership but it’s worth it if you use it regularly, especially considering some of what they carry is hard to find elsewhere (e.g. Primal Kitchen’s yummy mayo). You can do a free thirty day trial, receive fifteen percent off your first order and if you do sign up for the monthly membership then Thrive will sponsor the membership of a low-income family. They also provide free shipping on orders over $49 so you can stock up on a bunch of items at once.

I was skeptical at first but now having been a member and making regular purchases, I’ve noticed a significant savings and wanted to pass some of that information on to you. I would beware of some of the faux health food offered on the site though and remember to check the ingredients. Since nothing is refrigerated, I find a lot of the products to be very processed, such as the snack foods. But they offer a lot of really great items that are hard to find elsewhere, like Jackson’s Honest potato chips (made with coconut oil) and Tanka beef jerky (soy-free). I love that they guarantee that every one of their products are non-GMO. Thrive also has excellent customer service and has gotten better about how much packaging they use.

Here is a list of some of my favorite products they offer with a comparison to prices at some Los Angeles retailers.

Big Tree Organic Coconut Sugar

Whole Foods: $5.99

Thrive: $4.65

Savings= $1.34

Thrive is also a great place to buy cane sugar to make kombucha.

Himalayan Pink Salt, 6 oz

Whole Foods: $6.99

Thrive: $4.95

Savings= $2.04

To save even more money on salt, buy from the bulk bin.

Really Raw Honey

Whole Foods: $13.99

Thrive: $11.45

Savings= $2.54

If you suffer from allergies, try eating local raw honey and bee pollen.

Annie’s Organic Grass-fed Shells and Real Aged Cheddar

Whole Foods: $3.29

Thrive: $2.95

Savings= $0.34

This isn’t a very wholesome food but I keep it on hand for a special treat when I’m feeling sick. Sure, we should all be eating super nutrient dense food when we are sick but……

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, 29oz

Whole Foods: $25.99

Thrive: $16.45

Savings= $9.54

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos, 8 oz

Whole Foods: $5.99

Thrive: $4.99

Savings= $1.00

Wild Planet Wild Sardines

Whole Foods: $2.99

Thrive: $2.39

Savings= $0.60

Epic Pork Lard, 11 oz

Whole Foods: Regularly $8.99, sale $7.99

Thrive: $6.99

Savings=  $1.00 (off sale price)

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers, stage 2

Whole Foods: $11.99

Thrive: $9.49

Savings= $2.50

We use Funky Fluff cloth diapers but use Seventh Generation when traveling and use their nighttime version for night.

Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips

Cooportunity: $3.99

Thrive price: $3.25

Savings=  $0.74

Great Lakes Gelatin (red bottle)

Amazon: $22.32

Thrive: $14.95

Savings= $7.37

Check out the DIY section on how to make natural gelatin jigglers.

If you bought all these products you would have a total savings o $29.01 plus not have to drive to the store! Two orders like this and you’ve almost made back your membership fee. I highly recommend you give Thrive a try. PLUS, if you don’t make your membership fee back in savings then they will credit your account that amount when you renew your membership. For example, if your membership fee was $59.95 and you only saved $40 (according to their estimated savings calculator on each item) then they will credit your account $19.95. Seems worth it to me!

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