Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for our health! I’m very blessed that I’ve always been a great, deep sleeper. While it may be true that some people can get by on less sleep than others, I think it is safe to say most people should be getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night. While it can be tempting to stay up late, I try to remind myself, better to feel good all day tomorrow than to watch another half hour of TV!

Here are some sleep-well tips:

– limit caffein to the morning hours and don’t drink too much

– daily meditation can help with anxiety issues that lead to sleep problems. Find a meditation practice that works for you. I do Vedic meditation and have found it to be extremely rewarding.

– limit electronics in the evening….I must admit I’m bad about this one…. If you find that you need to check your phone in the evening, you could try these blue light blocking glasses recommended by Melissa Henig. You can read her sleep post here.  She also recommends getting outside for some sunlight before 10am to help balance hormones and reset circadian rhythms.

– try reading a real book before bed rather than using a tablet

– my step-dad who lives in rural Canada talks about there being too much ambient light at night when he and my mom visit us in the city- and he’s right! Complete darkness increases melatonin production, a hormone that helps us sleep. Think about installing black-out curtains or wearing an eye mask, like one of these beautiful ones from Doie Lounge

– The practice of “body feeling” is a Vedic technique where you focus in on where you feel the most sensation in the body (your knee, for example) and get present, moving on to the next part of your body if you feel more sensation elsewhere. This should help you fall asleep. Even if it doesn’t, this will be deeply restorative.

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