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Today I’m 34 weeks pregnant and yesterday I had a great lesson with Alisa Wyatt at Vintage Pilates. It felt so wonderful to move and have a strong workout. I’ve been amazed to discover what my pregnant body is capable of and how much I can still do. It’s also been fun to ease off the intensity of my workouts and just enjoy moving and stretching. While I’ve still been challenging myself, I’ve also not been pushing myself too hard and have been enjoying 20-40 minute workouts two to three times a week, as well as a monthly private session with an instructor.

Everyone is different but I wanted to share what Alisa and I worked on yesterday to give you an idea of what a healthy pregnant woman can do. Now granted, this is what a healthy, pregnant Pilates instructor (with a long torso- i.e. more room for baby!) can do and some of this stuff I wouldn’t give to some of my pregnant clients because it wouldn’t benefit them but if someone is already doing a strong workout before pregnancy, then depending on how they feel, they can keep doing most of those things. Pregnancy isn’t a time to add in a bunch of new exercises but by utilizing modifications, and omitting exercises as they become too challenging (or just don’t feel right), one can continue to do a strong workout. Pregnancy should be a time to honor your body and how hard it is working even at rest, and therefore focus only on exercises that still feel beneficial. Of course, as I’ve said in my previous Pilates for pregnancy posts, be sure to listen to your body and your own doctor when it comes to exercise.


Footwork, 3 springs

Hundred, curled up, legs straight but lifted to the ceiling


Leg Circles



Long Stretch

Down Stretch

Up Stretch


Single Leg Elephant

Long Back Stretch

Stomach Massage, sitting a little further back

Short Box– small range of motion; while I did try the Tree, it felt pretty awkward and I’d leave it out of my workout now

Chest Expansion

Thigh Strech

Arm Circles

Knee Stretches


Pelvic Lift

Electric Chair:

Pumping– both legs, single leg

Going Up

Mat Work:

Roll Up– feet under strap, knees bent

* as with all exercises where you curl up off the mat, be sure to leave it out if your abs are not engaged and you see any coning. In this case, just do the Half Roll Down

One Leg Circle

Rolling like a Ball – holding behind my thighs

Spine Stretch Forward

Open Leg Rocker


Shoulder Bridge

Side Kicks


Push Through

Kneeling Mermaid

Long Back Stretch with the roll-down bar

We finished with the arm weights series and the wall– you can check out this series in Brook Siler’s book The Pilates Body or by coming in for a lesson!

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