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I wanted to share my current mat workout that I’m enjoying at twenty-two weeks. While I can do all these exercises, I usually just do a collection of them to keep my body limber and feeling strong. Remember to listen to your own body (I’ve been doing Pilates for over ten years!), listen to your doctor and listen to your own Pilates instructor. If you want help, I’d love to teach you!


– I’m curling my chest up and leaving legs at 90 degrees, or propping my chest up with the small barrel

-option to leave the head down and/or keep the knees bent

Roll Up

-I still feel good rolling up with bent knees, feet under the strap but you could also do the Half Roll Down instead

One Leg Circle

-bottom leg bent or straight

Rolling Like a Ball

– tip: as you get bigger, just hold behind your thighs intend of onto the ankles

Single Leg Pull

-I’m pulling my knee slightly to the side now as my belly feels “in the way”

-option to put a small barrel underneath the shoulder blades  or use a pillow and keep the head down

Double Leg Pull

– legs lifted to about 90 degrees, still curing my chest up but but sometimes using small barrel underneath the shoulder blades….I think by next week I might be ready to just use the support of the barrel throughout the series of five, even though now I can technically still do it without

Scissors (Single Straight Leg Stretch)

still curing my chest but but sometimes using small barrel underneath the shoulder blades

-bent knees if needed

Lower/Lift (Double Straight Leg Stretch)

-hands under the tailbone with knees bent, although honestly I think starting next week I’ll just do Toe Taps

Criss Cross

-regular ol’ Criss Cross

-could be propped up with small barrel

Spine Stretch Forward

-feels great

Open Leg Rocker

– always a nice little massage for the spine!


-feels great too!

Cat/Cow from yoga

-a good way to arch and round the back

Swan with small barrel

– Alisa Wyatt taught me this with I had a lesson with her a couple weeks ago. Put the small barrel underneath the tops of your legs, face down with hands on the mat so that your body forms a long line. Press into the hands and lift the chest into extension, lower back down.

Single Leg Kicks

-Same set up over the small barrel, now with forearms on the mat, chest lifted with legs long at hip height. Alternate kicking the legs.

Neck Pull

-I still feel good rolling up with bent knees, feet under the strap but skip it if you are unsure

Shoulder Bridge

-I feel good lifting and kicking one leg at a time but you could keep your arms on the mat and just roll the spine up and down. A great way to open and stretch the front of the hips

Spine Twist

-I’m currently doing the full exercise but you could bend and cross the legs


-These are great for pregnancy! Side-kicks help relieve sciatic pain, help tone the legs and work the core without over taxing the abdominal muscles


-I’m starting with my knees to my chest and lengthening the legs as I roll up. You could skip Teaser and replace it with Half Roll Down here.

Swimming on all fours

-kneel on the mat, hands underneath the shoulders, and lengthen the right arms forward and the left leg back. Alternate sides up to ten times and then sit back in childs’ pose.

Leg Pull Facing Down

-I’m doing the full exercise but you could just hold a plank or skip it

Leg Pull Facing Up

-I”m doing the full exercise, including the kicks, but you could also just do the lift, keeping the feet down. It’s a great way to open the chest.

Kneeling Side Kicks

-full exercise

Side Bends

– love a good side stretch and as I feel my waist disappearing, it’s nice to get some oblique work


– I like using the small barrel underneath my hands to decrease the difficulty.

The Wall

– roll downs and squats feel great, well, hard but great. As does using small weights to do arm circles etc .

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