Eat More Liver!

Eating liver is so good for you but very few people actually enjoy it. Here are a few of my favorite ways to sneak liver into your diet.

Raw Liver Smoothie

(note: always use caution when sourcing raw meat)

small piece frozen liver (about the size of the circle crated when making the “ok” sign but I recommend starting with less and working your way up to that size or bigger)

1/2 cup blueberries or about 5 large strawberries

1/2-1 tbsp raw honey

1-1.5 cups raw, whole milk (option to make part of this raw kefir)

1/2- 1 tbsp coconut oil, coconut butter or raw cream

1 raw egg, optional

1/2-1 tbsp gelatin powder, optional

Blend really, really well in a blender.

Liver Burgers

1/4 lb chicken liver

1 lb beef or bison

1 onion

jalapeño, optional

spices to taste such as cumin, paprika, garlic powder, as well as salt & pepper

sauerkraut, optional

homemade ketchup , optional

Cook the liver with the chopped onion and jalapeño. Allow to cool slightly and then chop very finely, removing any of the connective tissue. Combine with the beef or bison and spices and form burger patties. I cook the chicken liver first so that I can then leave the burgers medium rare.

Cook to your preference and serve lettuce wrapped with ketchup and sauerkraut.

Liver Pate

1/4 lb chicken liver

1/2 onion

about 5 mushrooms or 1 carrot

3+ tbsp grass-fed butter, ideally raw

2 tbsp raw cream, optional

pinch each: cumin, salt, pepper, thyme

Cook liver, chopped onion and chopped mushrooms or carrot in a pan with butter (can also cook with ghee instead). Allow to cook and then blend in food processor with 2 tbsp butter, and spices. Add cream and continue to blend. Add more butter and/or cream to reach desired consistancy. Spread onto crackers, cucumber slices or sourdough bread, or eat with carrot and celery sticks

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