My current dental care routine:

1. Oil pull most mornings (I skip this step at night)

2. Rinse with salt water (put 16oz of spring water in a mason jar with 1oz of sea salt, shake, and then pour out about 1 oz to use now and for the last step). Option to add a drop of one of her essential oil combinations.

3. Scrape tongue 3x with a copper tongue scraper from Living Libations

4. Brush gums with a soft toothbrush, brushing down toward the gums. I add one drop* of Healthy Gum Drops (an essential oil blend). Here’s where there are a bunch of options for drops but just choose one or mix it up. Check out this video to understand this step as it’s unlike anything I’ve been told to do before.

5. Brush the teeth with Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste (again, lots of options for toothpastes she offers but just choose one or mix it up day to day). She recommends using a round, electric brush. You could also make your own toothpaste. To save money, every couple days I just use equal parts baking soda & sea salt. I make up a small batch and add a couple drops of essential oils and mix well.

6. Floss, adding a drop of Happy Gum Drops to your floss. (I usually skip this step in the morning)

7. Rinse with salt water again.

*I recommend keeping a small dish in the bathroom that you drop your essential oil blend on to and then you can use the same drop for your floss and brushing your gums and perhaps even have some left over for the next time.

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